Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bride of the Week: Vicki Petridis

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My fiancĂ© Dimitri and I actually first met when he was 10 and I was 13, when we both joined a Greek dance troupe. After two years of dancing I decided to leave the troupe while he continued on, but we remained friendly. For the next 12 years, we would occasionally cross paths and would say our hellos and made a bit of small talk. Although it was never anything more, I always loved running into him. 

On June 13th, 2009 we both attended a mutual friends wedding where we ended up dancing the night away, not leaving each other's side. Since that day we have been inseparable and truly are each others best friend and admirer, which is the most important thing in our relationship. While dating, we graduated college at the same time and found our career paths. I ended up rejoining the dancing world, this time in Dimitri's own dance troupe, which he began with his family! 

Three years into our relationship, Dimitri took me to the Art Institute where he dropped down on one knee in the falling snow and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was a night I will never forget. I was clueless, and thought we were going ice skating with the new skates he bought me for Christmas. And after he put my beautiful ring on my finger I was still in a state of confusion, asking, "So wait, are we going ice-skating?" Our siblings were there, in full paparazzi mode, taking photos across Michigan Avenue, while the security guards stood and began clapping along with people passing by. It could not have been a more perfect moment. We then went back to both our family's homes where bottles of champagne were popped and two families celebrated becoming one.

We will be married on July 26th, 2014 in the village that my grandmother is from in Greece, on the beach of the Aegean seas. We cannot wait to share our special day with our family and friends!

Congrats to Vicki and Dimitri! Such a lovely story...please take us with you to Greece. 
All our best wishes for your marriage!

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