Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bride of the Week: Melissa DiGiovanni

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Nick and I met online. I registered for the site because I was tired of waiting around for “Mr. Right”. So I decided to find him! Nick registered on the site because of a bet with a friend to see who could get the most responses (I know, SO romantic). I was home one day on my lunch hour, logged on to the site and came across his profile. I thought he was pretty cute so marked him as a “favorite” to message him later. When I got home from work, I had a message from him in my inbox! To this day we still debate over who gets credit for finding the other! We exchanged numbers and text messaged each other for a day or two, I showed a picture to my sister who responded, “I know him! We worked at the hospital together!” I was so excited to hear that. (Yes! He IS a real person!) We made plans to go out to dinner that weekend. 

The night before our date, Nick was at a Sox game and I had my mom over. We were texting all night. I told him that I made a huge dinner. I knew Nick was Italian, he knew I was...I couldn’t tell him that I'd thrown a frozen pizza in the oven! Getting a little cocky, I told him that dinner was amazing and he’s more than welcome to come by for leftovers. He responded that the game was just ending and he’d love to! It was 9 pm suddenly I’m running to Super Target and rushing like crazy trying to prepare a huge dinner he thought I made hours ago! I was still finishing up when he said he was pulling up, so I gave him the impossible task of driving around my apartment community and guessing which balcony was mine -- that gave me another 20 minutes! When he arrived, he introduced himself and within seconds my puppy came running down the stairs. Nick stopped and pulled a treat out of his back pocket, he had stopped and bought treats before he arrived, knowing I had a dog! I knew this was it.

As for the proposal, it was our last day in Disney and our three year anniversary. Shortly after we got to the Magic Kingdom, Tropical Storm Andrea came in! It was POURING! After at least half an hour of standing under canopies for shelter we decided not to let the rain get us down. Around 5:45 he took my hand and led me to Cinderella's Castle, he was studying all the artwork really carefully then had me stand in front of “the one”. He made me close my eyes and he took a picture of me after he put something on my head and put something in my hands. He then had me look at the picture, I was holding a super cute Disney shirt and had Mickey ears on with a Diamond on top and a veil attached to the back. Within seconds he got down on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?" I said, "Oh my God" at least 12 times then said yes! Everyone around us was going "!ww!" I was in complete shock, I grabbed the ring to put on, then literally (and accidentally) threw it back at him saying “Wait you need to put it on me!” The ring box flew up in the air! He scrambled to get it, and placed it on my finger. We kissed, then all of a sudden, totally not even planned, the Fairy Godmother showed up! She asked if we just got engaged then sprinkled this magical, glittery pixie dust on us with her magic wand and said "Bibbity boppity boo, may all your dreams come true!" It was the most magical moment of my life, a real fairy tale!

The date we selected is December 13, 2014. Not only will I be marrying the love of my life, but I'll also be getting married at the church where my grandma was married! My life since I met Nick has truly been a fairy tale, so much in fact that I’m now Miss Fairytale Bride!

Best wishes to Melissa and Nick for their fairy tale wedding and their happily ever after! 

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