Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bride of the Week: Ayanna Johnson

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When my 7 year anniversary approached with Daniel Gore, a girl could only wish for one thing, but I didn't want to get any hopes up.

A week before our anniversary, I asked Daniel "Are we doing anything?" He replied very nonchalantly. He told me yes and to "be ready", but wouldn't tell me for what. I went throughout the week wondering why he was so secretive, but he has never gotten any secrets past me, so I just KNEW it couldn't be a proposal. Throughout the week he would tell me he is going to go watch football with friends, going to church with his family, and going to school. It seemed like a fairly normal week.

On the day of our anniversary, he told me he was going to be at school late and to just take a nap. He would let me know when he would be on his way to get me. I immediately thought that this day must not be as important to him. Why was he still at school?

He showed up at my place and told me, "You better hurry up and get ready, there people are on their way!" At that point I was getting really curious. Why were people coming to our anniversary? And what are we doing?!

Two of our really good friends showed up and I found out that we were going to a concert. I was so excited and shocked! This is why he was secretive! He planned us an evening of fun with one of my favorite music artist and our friends...or so I thought. The concert was awesome and as soon as it was over we all decided to go to our favorite 24-hour taco spot. At this point, I believed that the evening was wrapping up. We got to the cashier at the taco spot and there was a box of ring pops. Daniel purchased a ring pop. In college, Daniel would also joke that whenever he would give me a ring it, would be a ring pop. I would always say "No, it better be diamonds!" When he bought the ring pop I immediately thought of those college discussions.

Daniel opens the ring pop and got down on one knee and asked, "Would you take my ring pop?" I was in shock. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Yes, would you take my ring pop?" Daniel replied. I said sure and grabbed the ring pop to eat it. Staying down on one knee, he slowly reached in his back pocket and pulled out a box. I was so surprised that I was able to keep the ring pop in my hand. My heart was racing so fast. He opened the box and asked, "Would you be my wife?" I could not believe that he was able to surprise me like this!

I later found out that he never had to work at school late, he was just stalling to keep me waiting. Throughout the week he really wasn't going to go watch football, he went to visit my dad and ask for my hand in marriage. He even had a secret instagram account where he posted pictures of going to search for the ring five months before the proposal. He planned it out so well! As I look though his process it constantly amazes me! 

That night I said yes to the ring pop and yes to the ring!

Congratulations to Ayanna and Daniel! They will be married on August 1, 2014! All the best wishes for your marriage and may you enjoy many ring pops in your future!

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