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Bridal Beauty: Bachelorette Bash

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It's become standard practice to hire professional makeup artists and hair stylists for your wedding day, and with good reason--it will likely be the most photographed day of your life. Many brides also love the opportunity to relax, and find the preparation aspect of their wedding day a special time spent "getting glam" with their family and close friends. But why limit that relaxing, fun time to your big day? In this series, Tricia Clarke, a freelance makeup artist based in Chicago, will share ideas for how to incorporate special beauty rituals into a number of events surrounding your wedding.

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Bachelorette Party

Your "last night out" with your bridesmaids and close friends is often the epitome of fun, girly excess. Why not kick off the evening by having a makeup artist come to your hotel or home and providing onsite makeovers? Everyone gets to enjoy the chance to try a new look, and this guarantees that everyone looks amazing in the pictures that are sure to wind up on Facebook and Instagram. It can also be a great time for your bridesmaids to experience airbrush makeup for the first time, or test drive faux lashes if they've never worn them before and are considering them for your wedding day. Additionally, many artists will offer deals if you book a wedding and bachelorette party together, or will allow for fun customizable options if your guests don't want a full-on makeover. You can let them choose from "smoky eyes", "pop of color" or a quick lesson in contouring and highlighting for a "girly glow".

Having the same makeup artist or hair stylist you've chosen for your wedding day be a part of your bachelorette night has the added bonus of allowing your bridesmaids to meet and work with her prior to your big day. After all, on your wedding day, the people you choose to help you prepare can play a big part in setting the tone of your morning. Wouldn't it be great to kick things off without having to introduce everyone or worry about breaking the ice?

If your idea of a bachelorette party isn't a night of excess, you can still involve your bridesmaids in your beauty preparations. Consider booking a spa day for everyone 2-3 weeks before the wedding and letting everyone indulge in facials or massages. By that point in the planning, you will enjoy a chance to relax and take a deep breath before the final countdown begins!

However you choose to celebrate your "last night of freedom" (even if that means a daytime event!) consider incorporating some pampering experiences--you'll make great memories with the girls you're closest to, and everyone appreciates a chance to feel beautiful.

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