Friday, January 17, 2014

Wedding Beauty Inspiration: The Pin-Up Bride! Inspiration for the 1940s

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In the 1940s, the second major feminist revolution of the century was happening! Men were at war and women picked up where they left off in the factories. To further help the troops, these strong women recycled aluminum cans for use in the creation of planes; grew their own food in “Victory Gardens” so troops could be sent larger rations; and, of course, they raised their children and kept the house clean -- all at the same time. These women were rockstars in my eyes --  brave, strong and beauty icons.

This is when the Pin-Up look as we know it really blossomed: pin curls, “Victory Rolls”, corsets and menswear re-purposed for women. These pictures were sent to men in the war zone to keep them focused on the goal of getting home to their ladies!

But from a beauty perspective it was clean, precise, feminine and somewhat quick (well at least to the standards they had before this era).

  • Perfected foundation with a strong - but not overdone - contour.
  • Pale eyeshadow with a nude contour.
  • Perfect black winged liner on upper lashline, or a nice, tight line above the lashes. Skip the lower liner for this look!
  • Luxurious full lashes.
  • All American Red lipstick!!

Hair –
  • Soft curls brushed into a wave.
  • Half-up but tied on each side not in the back
  • Victory Rolls? Do it! Lots of volume and shape on top of the head.
  • Try a birdcage veil with this look -- its amazing!

With a guided hand this look can make your fiance want to put you on his own pin-up calendar!

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