Friday, January 31, 2014

Wedding Beauty Inspiration Part 4: Channeling Jackie O and Grace Kelly on Your Big Day

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Do you love the movie Pleasantville? Have a obsession with Jackie or Marilyn? Or better yet, a certain Hollywood-star-turned-princess! How about tea length skirts? If so, the 1950s look is perfect for your big day!

In the 50's, the war was over and America lived in a blind abundance of wealth and opportunity! Women went to school at Ivy League universities to meet the “perfect” husband. Then they would go be the “perfect” wife. Fitting in was of utmost importance, as well as showing you and your family had manners and pedigree. Think June Cleaver.

The bride of the 1950s knew perfect etiquette, the importance of formal china, and was a wonderful dinner host who exuded femininity. And she definitely wore lace! It was a time of dreams for the American Family.

While you don’t have to do all of the above to add some 1950s flair to your wedding, you can still look the part. Here are the ingredients to the perfect 1950s style:

  • Simple and subdued. Your makeup artist should give you the “No Makeup" look with soft contours and clean lines. 
  • Lots of mascara!
  • Peach or pink kiss on the cheek
  • Soft pastels on the lips
  • Defined brows

  • Low chignons with waves and rhinestone clips
  • Polished hair to create a very "put together" look.
  • Veils with pill hats or headbands

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