Friday, January 3, 2014

Wedding Beauty Inspiration Part 3: Hello Dahling, Welcome to the 1930s

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So you're fan of black and white movies, Carol Lombard, white silk and a chaise lounge? Then why not turn your love of the 1930s into the perfect wedding day look?

I am officially declaring this the look for 2014. A throwback to times when actors couldn't kiss on screen! Instead they would just press their cheeks together and nuzzle in a foggy haze. An in many ways, it was even more romantic than a big smooch.  

Those soft waves and sultry eyes don't come easily, though. These techniques require quite a bit of skill. More than most to be honest. I'm not sure how these amazing women did it day in and day out… Oh, yes they had makeup artists on set!

So how does one achieve such a look? Well, I'm glad you asked...

  • Perfect foundation to keep that glow from within we loved so much in the 1920s.
  • Dense, smokey lash line in colors like grey, cocoa, navy and even a deep maroon.
  •  Lots of lashes! Not thick Kim Kardashian lashes, but long beautifully separated lashes on both top and bottom.  
    • PRO TIP: You don’t have to go to Latisse for this ladies, a great mascara like Full Exposure from Smashbox will condition your lashes to grow in the months before your big day!

  • Waves, Waves and some more Waves! Finger waves or soft flowing waves or curling waves if your hair is naturally curly.
  • Hair down was the style of the 1930s, but if your locks are longer than your shoulders, pin them up to imitate a shorter length.

As you can see to pull this off well requires a skilled hand. But its one of the most romantic looks I think you can find. Ask your makeup artist to give you a run through of this period look on a day when you can try out your hairstyle, as well. Seeing the full picture makes a big difference!

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