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Top 11 Wedding Trends for 2014

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ChicagoStyle Weddings brings you the top trends to look for in 2014! Will you follow any of these when planning for your wedding? Which ones? Sound off in the comments!

1. Simple, but elegant is always a timeless look for a wedding dress. But is that too tame for you? The statement back is making a big splash, from jewels to beads to crystals, bows to lace to illusion lines, the possibilities are endless. Spice it up and bring sexy back. (See what I did there?)

2. Unplug or you're uninvited! Doesn't it drive you mad when people are texting and instagramming so much that they miss the wedding? The incessant buzzing doesn't help your experience either. Couples are asking their guests to just shut down their devices and just be present at the wedding! Plus while your hipster cousin may be pretty good with a polaroid, she also may just happen to get in the way of the actual photographer - know know, the one you're paying.
**If you're a techy and not feeling the whole unplugged idea, flip it on it's head and create a cool charging station for your guests to re-energize their phones while they're re-energizing their drinks. Then just make sure everyone's using your own personal wedding hashtag and you're bound to end up with some hilarious photos.

3. Hand-painted cakes are going to be huge this year. While fondant is very structurally appealing, the artistic flair of a design painted right on the cake is so soft, yet dramatic. It's definitely going to be a real crowd-pleaser. You won't want to cut it!

4. The barn wedding craze isn't going anywhere, but this year's venues will have a little more shade. Forests and woodlands are the growing in popularity as ceremony sites. Naturally beautiful, these locations need little by way of decor and really stand out in the guests' minds.

5. To go along with natural venues, decor is getting back to the garden! Flowers are everywhere this year and they're taking center stage. But these aren't your mama's flowers - oh, no. These blooms are bold and fresh, incorporating different elements and using buds to make gorgeous designs where simple bouquets once stood. Floral patterns are even gracing the tables where chevron once stood.

6. Experts are expecting to see a huge number of tea-length gowns this year! A tea-length gown is little retro, a little nontraditional, but still has a distinctly wedding feel. Great for an outdoor wedding - you won't ruin your dress walking down a grassy aisle!

7. Go bold! Pretty petal pinks and pale mints are gorgeous, but there is nothing like a beautiful bright to give your wedding some life! Hues of red, blue, orange and yellow are popping up everywhere. Pick a neutral or two to help tone it down, if you feel like it might be too much. But don't be afraid to add fun vibrant colors all over the place!

8. Illusion necklines are nothing new, but this year the bling is getting bigger. Lots of jewels around the neckline hang like the best kind of necklace you've ever seen. With this awesome trend you have the ability to rock a sweetheart and still be dripping in crystals like a queen. Who wouldn't want that?

9. Despite the new options for more color, pale blush, lace and vintage trends are holding tight right now. These Pinterest faves are here to stay. Sew some doilies together for a runner, add some mason jars, maybe a bit of mint and you're good to go.

10. The year 2014 is rumored to see a return to elegance and romance - and yes! The ball gown! After moving to more casual events in the last few years, planners predict that weddings will see a resurgence of the formal affair. Glamour and couture looks looks will grace the guests, as well as the wedding party. Pick up your tux and dig out that bow tie, boys! It's time to woo your ladies.

11. The preferred method of service this year marries the new-found return to formality and the comfort of last year's casual affair. Caterers and venues are serving up dishes family style to allow guests a choice of their plate, without making them wait in line.

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