Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: For the Whoopsies at Your Wedding

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Okay, so we were recently sent probably the coolest thing ever here at ChicagoStyle Weddings. When the box was delivered, a few of my co-workers and I gathered around the box and we gingerly opened layer after layer. After a standard shipping box, a soft drawstring bag, a really cool wooden box with a handle, we came to a simple-but-super-cute purse-like bag. It was fashionable, but on the heavy side.

The bag unzipped completely on three sides, allowing the bag to open and lay flat. Inside were four MORE little bags (bag-ception, anyone?), each labelled with the products it contained.

I kid you not - there were 101 handy little tools divided and sorted into four categories:

Beauty Essentials included clear nail polish, earring backs, tweezers, blotting tissues, hairspray...
Fashion Essentials included static remover, fashion tape strips, a mending kit, sandpaper for shoes...
Personal Care Essentials included tampons, deodorant towelettes, blister balm, antacid, pain reliever...
Bridal Essentials (this was the best) included extra wedding bands, something blue, a sixpence shoe decal, emergency vows and toasts, mirror, drinking straw, a wedding day checklist and more!

This deluxe wedding emergency kit, called Bridetastic, by Pinch Provisions was well planned. I'm guessing a bunch of wedding planners got together in a room and wrote down everything they've ever needed in a wedding-related emergency situation.

We had such a good time exploring these little bags and the awesome products (folding scissors! Super glue! Stain remover towelettes! Oh my!)...we really couldn't have imagined a thing this kit didn't have.

So we're sitting there thinking, "Oh man, how much does this bad boy cost?" It's about 75  bucks. In reality, for all that you're getting in here - plus the cute bag - plus the immense peace of mind you'll have knowing you're covered...yeah, that's not bad.

For your bridesmaids, they also have many different sizes of smaller "minimergency kits" that retail about $15 and up! Definitely makes a great gift for your girls! Or your mom! How much would your mom love this?

In all, this product seems like it could be a real life saver during those uh-oh moments at a wedding. Whether it's this kit or not, I would recommend that ALL brides have an emergency kit put together ahead of time. That way, if there are any bridal blunders, you don't need to panic. You'll know you're covered!

PS- They totally make one for the groom and his guys, too!

Thank you to Pinch Provisions for providing us with a sample Bridetastic bag to review!

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