Monday, January 20, 2014

Real Wedding: Bethany Keen and Jeffrey Ballantyne

“Jeffrey and I met online over 2 years ago and we had way too much in common to be anything but best friends. So everything leading up to our wedding was such a piece of cake.

"Jeffrey is Canadian so we decided to have the wedding up in Canada. We had it at Jeffrey's Grandmothers cottage in Ontario in this tiny town, that's actually an island itself, called Bobcaygeon. The cottage itself is over 150 years old and was said to originally been a part of this large mansion on the property next to ours, which unfortunately burned down years ago. So there is lots of rustic character already there, and we decided to run with that theme for the wedding!

"The reception was planned to be in the backyard of the cottage under a big tent. Therefore, I had been praying for good weather for weeks before the big day, and it was beautiful!

"My mother and her best friend came up a week in advance and took over the wedding details. These two angels made everything that I had dreamed of, possible. Our wedding was simplistic yet sincere, elegant yet fun.

"We kept the wedding very small and intimate and we didn't have any wedding party because everyone attending the wedding would have been standing with us. Instead, we made the chairs in a round and made everyone feel a part of the ceremony.

"My Pastor flew up from Illinois to perform the ceremony. Both Jeffrey and I were fortunate to have everyone we love make the trip. It was a beautiful time to spend with our families.” - Bethany

The groom's grandmother hosted the wedding in Ontario.


Terry Reilly of Calvary Assembly of God 

Janice Maravillas

Designed by the bride's mother, Vicki Keen.

Jo Cooper

Baddow Road Photography and JR Productions


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