Friday, January 24, 2014

Interview: Rosa Clara VP Dominique Debroux's Insight on 2014 Inspiration

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In honor of the Rosa Clara Trunk Show at Eva's International on LaGrange, Dominique Debroux, VP of Rosa Clara's North American sector, flew in to Chicago to discuss the amazing designer's inspirations for the 2014 collection. We were luck enough to have another great interview with her while she was visiting Eva's! (Check out our first interview with Dominique here!)

I started the interview by asking Dominique how the trends were changing at Rosa Clara through the transition of 2013 to 2014. She commented that the Great Gatsby look heralded a new era of "art deco beading, as opposed to the the flashier beading that was previously popular." Also, bridal style is taking a cue from the stars and turning fashions "from the red carpet into gowns for the white carpet! These gowns are less constructed, chic and not as structured. They were usually thought of as a destination wedding dress, but now this style is for any location."

According to Dominique, "blush is still having its moment, especially in the accessory world." So we can expect to see splashes of this beautiful color in belts and shoes this year. In addition, mauve and purple will be making their way to the top of the color palate, most likely due to Pantone's announcement of Radiant Orchid as the 2014 color of the year. For satins and lace, expect a more antique white, rather than a true white or ivory.

When I asked how Chicago's bridal fashions compared to other major cities, Dominique responded:
"What I see out of Chicago is more love for the classic and the clean. You're right on trend, but keep to the cleaner more classic line. I saw that a lot this weekend at Eva's. A few brides tried on a lot of gowns and went with a really gorgeous classic look." 

Many brides are spicing up these simple-but-elegant looks by adding beaded or colored belts between the ceremony and reception. It creates a more traditional look for the ceremony and a really fun look for the party after - one dress, two looks!

Dominique's favorite fabrics for the season include "organza, and mikado is still a constant, all-time favorite. There's also a soft, flexible tulle that is strong enough to hold beads." That will come in handy for those 1920's beads that have hit the scene!

The most interesting part of our interview was Dominique's explanation of Rosa Clara's inspiration for the 2014 line.
"Rosa Clara pulls inspiration from many places. Europe is having a hard economic time. They were affected by our crash and had their own in 2012 (when Clara was beginning to design the 2014 collection). She's sitting in a place, in a country that is scared. Brides need to be in a dream. It's all about a dream. She thought, 'I want brides to think about dreams, not what's happening now. So she went back to the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. She's very matter of fact and a realist as an artist. The first thing she does is look around herself. That gives her the direction of her inspiration." 

Before ending our interview, I asked her to give brides her top tip for finding that perfect gown. She replied, "The key is to remember to always keep an open mind about price point. You pay for quality. We have a whole range of products and prices at Eva's!"

Thank you so much to Dominique Debroux of Rosa Clara and Eva's International on LaGrange. Check out their Rosa Clara trunk show going on now!

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