Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bride of the Week: Stephanie Banting

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"I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and messages regarding Stepz and my engagement. I had been planning the event for months! I booked a private tour through the Fort Lauderdale canals. The captain was in on it too, and told Steph that no one else would be joining us. I was EXTREMELY nervous. I believe I even hyperventilated a bit before we left (my toes went numb!!) Steph was in complete shock when I dropped to one knee. She first said, "What?!? What?!? (Long pause)... YES!!" The facial reaction was priceless. The captain then started announcing "SHE SAID YES" to people along the canals and on other boats. I will remember that moment forever!!"

This was my fiance, Ben's exact status on Facebook just a few hours after he proposed. I knew even before then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He picked out the ring by himself, and based it off a ring my mom gave me years ago. He planned everything so well! I didn't even notice the nervousness he was talking about in that post.

We were Fort Lauderdale bound from Chicago. I thought he might propose, but he never gave a hint. He said, I almost blew it during our wait at O'Hare for our plane! I was looking for his Kindle and wanted to check his bag where he kept the ring. He was calm, saying he will look for it himself. Thank goodness I didn't insist!

I actually pushed away the thought of any proposal, especially when we were at the middle of the boat tour in the canals of Fort Lauderdale and the boat's propeller caught a heavy type of ice bag. We had to stop by one of the docks, the captain had to strip down to his underwear and dive into the water to fix the issue! (This is when I think Ben was on the peak of his nervousness.)

All turned out fine, propeller was fixed and we moved on. Our captain gave my fiance the cue of when to propose -- it was during the beautiful Florida sunset. When Ben handed his camera to the man, I thought nothing of it. I thought we were just going to take a picture together. I was told to stand, which I thought was odd. Ben was taking a while to move closer to me, and still I thought he was just explaining something to the captain. But then, he turned around and dropped on one knee! I was in shock! Finally, he asked, "Steph, will you marry me?" I looked at him and the ring box in his hands. I did say "WHAT?" a few times, but then I definitely said, "YES!"

Funny, even the captain was nervous -- he forgot press the record button on the camera! Everything may not have been captured by video or photo, but the scene will forever be on replay mode for the rest of our lives.

Stephanie and Ben plan to get married and May of 2015! Congrats to you both on your adorable engagement!

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