Friday, December 20, 2013

Wedding Beauty Inspiration Part 2: Get Gatsby!

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See part 1 of Kate's Wedding Beauty Inspiration series for more ideas on how to find  the perfect look for your big day!

With all the Gatsby Glamour that has been around this year, its easy to be inspired by the beautiful vintage looks that Daisy used to sweep Gatsby off his feet! Between Tiffany’s jewels, dropped waists and luxury cars, it can be quite the fantasy to base your wedding around the golden age.

Personally, my favorite gift I received at my wedding was a beautiful art deco bracelet from my grandmother. We had a special connection and she always knew exactly what I would love. That piece of jewelry has played many roles in photo shoots this year. Its perfect and I don’t need a team of security guards standing on set with us.

So if your in love with this vintage perfection and want to find the way to make your beauty look fit in perfectly let me tell you how: Minimal is key!

  • Cheeks that glow from within.
  • A gorgeous nude contour in the eye. 
  • The perfect pop of red on the lips goes a long way. There are so many types of great reds - ask your makeup artist to give you some options! 
  • Should be shiny and soft.
  • Updos work best for this look low on the neck or romantic soft curls on the back of the head. 
  • Loose, soft  hair framing the face 
  • Updos that feature a middle part and slicked back locks.
  • Throw some jewels in there! Feathers or rhinestones are fantastic! If wearing a center part, adding hair jewelry down your forehead looks gorgeous! 

Though I did say minimal, note I didn’t say simple! This can truly be a challenging look to pull off yourself. All makeup artists know that its much harder to get that no-makeup/perfect-skin look than a heavy glam one. Make sure you're polished! Get in cahoots with your makeup artist at the trial to make sure you maintain the best hair and skin you can before the big day.

Need some inspiration? Email Kate at to discuss how to get that 1920's glamour for your big day!

Photo courtesy of Kate Johnson Artistry

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