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Wedding Beauty Inspiration Part 1: Simple Steps to Find Wedding Day Inspiration

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Lets face it, you've been thinking about this day since…well, for as long as you can remember. And as the years have gone by you've imagined different themes and ideas. As you got older your inspirations changed. Were you in love with the boy next door and a small church ceremony in your mom’s vintage gown? Maybe you dreamed of walking down the aisle with Leonardo DiCaprio in an Alexander McQueen, Kate Middleton-inspired gown? But as things came together, as your partner walked into your life and popped the big question, the only thing you were set on is that you wanted it to be perfect!

When I was engaged, my husband realized he was in trouble. I used to be an event planner and it took me six months just to come up with my colors! He kept saying, "Seriously?" But I wanted to be inspired and really couldn't be until I knew where we were getting married. The moment we found the location I knew the theme of the entire wedding within about 24 hours. Ideas for the perfect day came together effortlessly.

I was lucky to have my experience as a planner and artist to help guide me. For those of you who have never planned a celebration like this, coming up with a theme might not be so easy. So, lets put together some ways to be inspired by the things you love!

Things to consider when thinking of a theme for your big day (add your own in the comments!):
Important Family Traditions
Hobbies you two share and as individuals
Location and time of year of wedding
Dream ideas you've had for years
Things you've always wished for
An era that you both love

Step two, determine what kind of feel you're going for on your big day. 
Are you and your mate more on the traditional side? 
Would you both prefer a modern affair?
Do you love the idea of a vintage day?
As a couple, do you really like to shake things up?

Begin to make a list of these feelings and theme ideas and revisit it daily to add more. Take a peek at your Pinterest boards and see what you've repinned and liked! Please comment below with your current inspirations! 

We'll be back for part two of this series shortly, in which we'll discuss more inspirations and your next planning steps.

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