Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Make a Modern Heirloom Bouquet

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With all of the details that go into planning your wedding, you should be able to save as many mementos as possible. Your dress, shoes, veil and jewelry are all cherished, but what about your bouquet? Your bridal bouquet is like a custom piece of jewelry that you carry the entire day and it is a perfect representation of the look of your wedding. Using satin, crystals, pearls and other materials, create a look that is uniquely yours and can be treasured long after the wedding!

Tie in Personal Touches
Maybe a loved one has given you an antique handkerchief or a piece of heirloom jewelry as a gift? These make excellent additions to a bouquet. These pieces can remind us of those we love and allow those people to take the walk down the aisle with us. Take any object that means something to you and make it part of the memory!

Recycle Your Faves
Re-purpose a strand of your go-to pearls to create movement in a romantic way, or use a swatch of a fun vintage lace you love to enhance the design. Incorporate bits and pieces of you into the bouquet, so you'll always remember who you were on your wedding day. And don't forget the boys: Incorporate an antique key into the boutonniere for a little flair!

Classic Styles
Pick pieces for your bouquet that won't go out of style, generally avoiding fads and over-the-top themes. If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it's crystal. This bouquet is meant to be a timeless piece that will be a conversation starter as long it is displayed, so make sure you're always going to love it. 

Already Hitched?
Create a satin replica of your bouquet! The colors and style can be perfectly captured, giving you a piece that will take you back to that amazing day and help you remember for a lifetime.

Modern heirloom bouquets are a great way to preserve memories of your big day. Display it in a shadow box with an invitation and your garter, or place it on an antique silver platter as a decoration on your dresser. And on your 20th anniversary vow renewal, this bouquet will have maintained the same classic elegance it had the first time you walked it down the aisle.

Our thanks to Anna Coy, Designer and Owner of To Hold & To Have, a modern heirloom bridal bouquet and accessory line. To discuss options for your modern heirloom, call 267-971-3906 or email Visit Anna's Etsy page for more designs!

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