Friday, October 11, 2013

Trend Alert: Splitting the Engagement Ring!

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Recently, The TODAY Show ran a segment regarding the etiquette of splitting the cost of an engagement ring. These days, rules related to weddings are shifting and a new trend of splitting the ring is on the horizon.

The TODAY Show surveyed its viewers, asking, "Would you be willing to split the cost of an engagement ring?" In a surprisingly close race, 54% answered "No" and 46% answered "Yes."

Whether your thrilled about the idea or not, it's happening more an more these days. The segment mentions that many couples are already living together and have combined finances by the time engagement rolls around, so it doesn't seem unusual to split the ring. 

If you're not sure which side of the debate you stand on, here are some Ring Splitting Etiquette from David Berkovits, Marketing Director of James Allen (the ring experts themselves!). In these changing times, nothing is hard and fast, but these tips should help you decide where you fall on the scale. 

Ring Splitting Etiquette: 
  • "Asking your fiancée to help pay for her ring is not as audacious as you might think. In fact these days, it happens all the time for a variety of very good reasons.
  • "First, it’s still a tough economy. By splitting (or sharing) the cost of the engagement ring, a young couple can bring two incomes into the equation rather than just his. Since she’s going to be the one wearing the ring for the next forever, spending a little of her own money to get a bigger/better/more brilliant diamond just makes sense. By sharing some of the cost, she also gets a little more input in the style and cut of the diamond and ring, making it more likely the ring is exactly as she always dreamed.
  • "With women outpacing men in college (females make up about 60% of all undergrad degrees), there’s also a good chance that she brings home the proverbial bacon. If the ring is being paid for with financing, her higher income will probably result in a larger credit limit to be used on the purchase.
  • "Regardless of the ‘why’, there is no reason for a guy to feel bad about picking a ring together with his fiancée and if she’s willing to help ‘upgrade’ her own ring, why not? "

Would you ever consider splitting the cost of the ring with your partner? Let us know!

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