Friday, October 4, 2013

The Miss Allaneous Details

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If there's one thing we know here at ChicagoStyle Weddings, it's that the beauty (and sometimes the devil) is in the details. To make your weddings really stand out, think about the small things, like a shrug for evening, fabulous lace detailing on your veil, and a custom ring pillow. Sounds like a lot to deal with right? Enter Miss Allaneous...

Debbie LaFromboise is the designer extraordinaire at Miss Allaneous, a unique accessories boutique based out of Vermont. Debbie was fun and cheerful, ready with a laugh. You can tell she really loves what she does, that's why all her pieces look so special! She told me she even considered actually changing her name to Miss Allaneous, but her family wasn't too thrilled. Now that's dedication! 

Debbie showed me all the fabulous veils, ring pillows, garters and accessories from her 2014 collection, so that I could share them with you! Check out these little beauties! 

You can find out more about Miss Allaneous ( A division of Sewly Yours) by visiting or calling Debbie at 802-660-9003. 

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