Friday, October 4, 2013

Rue 62 Review: A (Hair) Cut Above

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I walked into Rue 62 and just looked around. It was really flipping cute.

The Hoffman Estates salon had been recommended to me by my boyfriend. I mean, is it smart to trust a guy's opinion on a hair salon? But his mom and sister go there, so I thought I would give it a try.

I stepped up to the front counter to give them my name. Before I even opened my mouth, from behind me someone asks, "Are you Kelsey?"

Let's just talk about how nice it is to be known for a second. Think Cheers, when everyone turns around, raises a glass and yells "Norm!" when George Wendt walked into the bar. Well, it wasn't exactly the same, but I felt just about as good as I imagine Norm felt.

The woman who had called my name was Jenna Speight, the adorable and hilarious owner. She took me back almost immediately for a quick consultation and asked me what I'd like to do with my hair. I thought about a drastic cut, but decided to just trim it and add some layers. I was thinking about maybe possibly wondering if I should start going to the gym or not, and I didn't want my inability to create a ponytail to be what stopped me. No, that would probably be my preference for Crunch Bars over crunches.

Jenna and I laughed and chatted while she made recommendations about my hairstyle, then I was taken back to be shampooed by a woman with the greatest red hair ever. For a full 30 seconds, I thought about saying "Let's just dye it like that while I'm here!" And then I remembered my bank account and settled in to enjoy. Though, honestly, the affordable rate for coloring at this place kept pulling me back. Next time.

When I sat down in the chair, Jenna (raised my seat because I'm miniature, and then) attacked my truly sad-looking locks. While she chopped the inch of frayed hair off my ends (the product of growing it out for two weddings this summer), we chatted amiably and fell into the kind of conversation you have over coffee with a friend.

Jenna and I discussed bridal 'dos and don'ts, as I studiously ignored all the hair suddenly laying on the ground around me. Jenna was honest with me, saying that it's important to be realistic about what your hair can do on your wedding day. "If your hair doesn't curl, don't curl it." And she was right! We discussed plenty of hairstyles that would work for my stick-straight-stuck-to-my-face hair. And for the curly girls, play it up! Don't flatten it out! As the night goes on, your hair will fall or frizz or do whatever it naturally does. Just embrace it and you're bound to look beautiful on your big day.

By the time I left the salon, I was making plans for lunch with Jenna the following week. Rue 62 was really a place of comfort and rejuvenation. Everyone there was kind and had a great positive attitude. I really felt welcome, and that's something I love in a salon.

So, if you're in the market for a new place to trim your tresses, I'd recommend any of the stylists at Rue 62. They all know what they're doing. Bonus: if you refer a friend, you BOTH get an epic discount.

Thanks to Jenna Speight and her team for not only an excellent haircut, but a fabulous time! To learn more about Rue 62, visit their website or Facebook page. Call (847) 598-0320 for an appointment.

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