Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Q&A with Rebecca Marie Photography and Design

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CSW:  Please tell us a little about your organization and why you started it.
RMI:  I started Rebecca Marie Photography & Design in order to help people tell and share their stories. Our lives are constantly busy, and I use the excuse of photography for couples to create a chunk of quality time for each other - no to-do lists, no TV and no cell phones. Giving them this space together allows us to make images that reflect their authentic selves. These images then not only bring a smile when walked by on those mornings when there's no hot water left for a shower, but they gain even more value as they are shared with the generations who can only experience the events before they were born through images.

CSW:  What are a couple “must have” poses for wedding photography?
RMI:  I don't have a specific pose to suggest for every couple. I find that every couple has a unique habit of how they interact that they aren't even aware of. I'm able to notice this "pose" during engagement sessions, which means that come the wedding day, when things get a little hectic (because let's be honest, even the best planned weddings get a little crazy!), I can remind a bride of that comfy lean in her man's nook or that extra squeeze in their hand hold to make everything comfortable again.

CSW:  How much time should a couple schedule between their ceremony and reception for pictures? Should they ask family and friends to stay with them for photos?
RMI:  My biggest, strongest, one-thing-I've-learned in seven years of wedding photography recommendation is to complete all of the formal portraits before the ceremony. Every single family and bridal party I've ever worked with, even the most photo happy of all, is anxious to get to the reception after the ceremony. Trying to squeeze in enough time for all of the desired portraits (on average, about 2 hours of time) then becomes a stressful experience rather than a fun one -- and every single moment of your wedding day should be enjoyable!

BUT you don't have to sacrifice that amazing moment when you first see each other. In fact, you have the opportunity to make it even more special! The First Look moment is by far a time that gives me chills at every single wedding. For RMPD couples, this moment is in a place that emphasizes their style and personality while giving them the opportunity to start their day with quality, private, time together -- something ironically hard to come by on a wedding day. It's amazing to see the level of calm that sweeps through the entire day when you have a chance to spend the majority of it together rather than apart.

CSW:  What is your number one piece of advice for newly engaged couples who are beginning to plan their wedding?
RMI:  My number one piece of advice (bearing in mind that the First Look is my #1.5!) is to work with a team who will help you create meaningful memories. Your wedding day isn't just one day that lives in a vacuum. It's a succession of moments that quickly turn into memories and those memories are of the caliber that get shared with people who aren't even alive yet. When you work with a team of wedding professionals who take the time to get to know you, you can relax and enjoy your big day trusting that your rockstar team is creating and capturing all of these perfect moments to remember and share for years to come.

For more information on Rebecca Ickes or Rebecca Marie Photography & Design, visit their website. To contact Rebecca, email or call 309.230.4750.

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