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MDE: Event Planning is Crazy, But We Love It Anyway!

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Photo: Carasco Photography

Wedding planning can be crazy, fun, hectic, insane, fantastic, frustrating and oh, so rewarding. Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events (MDE), shares five of her highs and lows with us.

1. "My Favorite moment, hands down, is the moment the bridal party processional has finished, and the bride and her father or escort are about to walk down the aisle. It really resonates with me because I know this is that moment every bride thinks about, not only through the planning stages but throughout life. The moment the bride starts walking down the aisle, this couple's life changes forever and the fact that we were a part of what brought them to that moment is a privilege and I get emotional every time."

Photo: Carasco Photography

Photo: Gerber + Scarpelli

2. The dreaded moment happened for one of MDE's brides when red wine was spilled on the bride's gown. GASP. But, the MDE team handled it smoothly: "We blotted with tonic water and then covered the remaining stain with baby powder. It wasn't good as new but the bride refused to let it ruin her day and thankfully all of the important moments were finished, so she was able to move on quickly!"

3. Michelle recalls a wedding she planned for clients Scott and Christa. The big moment that day was a butterfly release Scott arranged as a surprise for his bride as they exited the church. Michelle says, "Given that it was so cold that day, we were a bit concerned that the butterflies may feel the chill, but it was great, and the bride absolutely loved it! It was a gorgeous wedding and a very special moment of the day!" Check out the video by Loudbyte that really captured Christa and Scott's gorgeous wedding.

Photo: Carasco Photography

Photo: Carasco Photography

4. In 2011, MDE worked with a bride who absolutely loved Pinterest. In a nutshell, she had inspiration boards upon inspiration boards upon inspiration boards and she did not want to forget a single detail! From her gorgeous Rivini gown to her Miu Miu shoes, grooms cake, candy station and photo booth, this couple really went all out. They even had custom ordered Swarvoski champagne flutes and as a member of the bridal party walked past the sweetheart table, Durpetti will never forget watching the flutes fall one and then the other and shattering into a million pieces. "We happened to have several boxes of Waterford flutes from the last time I was in Ireland that we had just used in a photo shoot. It was so lucky that the hotel was close to the office and one of the MDE team ran over to grab the flutes." Michelle gave the flutes to the bride and groom as a gift, and the important part to Michelle was that the incident didn't become the focus of the day and everyone was able to continue celebrating.

5. This summer, a favorite moment came during a July wedding at the Orchard Ridge Pavilion, when a lot of hard work, planning and communication came to fruition in an absolutely gorgeous wedding day for bride, groom and her mom. "We worked with both the bride and groom and the bride's mom for more than 7 months to plan a very traditional Catholic ceremony and a romantic and rustic yet formal reception. The bride and her mom put their heart and soul into planning the apple orchard wedding. The clients were not afraid to be creative, and I love that! I love when my clients are creative and visual. I also love when my clients have a really high set of expectations and our work ethic, attention to detail and heartfelt customer service delivers them even more than they were expecting!" The high point of this wedding was when both the bride and her mom hugged and thanked Michelle and said they couldn't have done it without MDE.

Photo: Carasco Photography

Wedding planning is a lot of things, but according to Michelle, it's worth it. "I try to never lose sight that we are planning a day that begins a marriage. It is vital that we do our jobs to the best of our abilities so that our clients can enjoy their moment."

For more from Michelle, visit her website at http://www.durpettievents.com.

Photography by Carasco Photography, and Gerber + Scarpelli.

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Neal Johnston said...

This is absolutely incredible. I love the butterflies. I had no clue that you could do anything like that. I just finished helping my sister plan her wedding and I decided that for mine I will definitely be getting planner. It is truly a fully time job that I am not willing to take on. Way too much stress involved.

Neal Johnston @ Zynger Event Designs

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