Monday, October 28, 2013

Interview with VP and General Manager of Rosa Clara U.S. and Canada, Dominique Debroux

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I had the delightful opportunity to sneak in a phone interview with the VP and General Manager of Rosa Clara Bridal for the U.S. and Canada, Dominique Debroux, right before she began her special engagement at Eva's International on LaGrange tonight. She is the guest of honor at their champagne reception honoring Rosa Clara's fabulous 2014 Collections. 

Dominique was sweet, chatty and a professional all the way. You can tell she believes in the brand she represents. Right off the bat, I asked her what her position entails at Rosa Clara. She explained she does all of the sales and marketing in the U.S. and Canada. The most creative part of her job gives her the amazing opportunity to take the likes and dislikes of brides here back to Rosa Clara herself. That way Rosa knows what the North American consumer likes and finds a way to mesh that with her amazing fashions.

I went on to talk with Dominique about "The Rosa Clara Bride." I asked who she was, what she likes and what about her screams "Rosa Clara". Dominique explained it was difficult to pin-point any one specific kind of bride. "We have several different brands with a spectrum of looks." However, the very first thing that comes to her mind about the Rosa Clara bride is that she "thinks about quality and a look or a theme rather than just what's in."

"Rosa Clara started her business because she saw a lack of fashion in bridal." Dominique explains that she sees the same dress in the U.S. and Canada all the time - "it's the same push-up bodice with beading." At Rosa Clara, the designs are inspired by something new each year to keep styles fresh. This year, with the struggling economies of Europe and the recent issues of the U.S., Rosa drew inspiration from "times of prosperity." She looked to the Roaring Twenties and the iconic 1950s. "You'll see a lot of Great Gatsby or Downton Abbey inspired pieces, as well as that old Hollywood glamour. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly."

One of the most stunning new trends is beaded lace. More specifically, beading used as lace. Rosa Clara's Soft Collection showcases sheath gowns with a layer of beaded tulle, appearing to be a shiny, sparkling layer of lace. For a fabulous example, just check out the photo on the cover of our magazine! 

Another trend ready to pick up in the U.S. is the gorgeous three-piece pantsuit. I know what you're thinking...a pantsuit? But seriously. It's gorgeous. Dominique described it to me: "It features a bustier, a cigarette pant, and a skirt that billows out beautifully." This outfit is a stunningly gorgeous look for a wedding or a rehearsal dinner. As Dominique pointed out, "It's only one day, but why have just one outfit?" The Rosa Clara bride goes all out.

Dominique told me that the thing she loves most about her job is when she gets "to come to events like this [Rosa Clara Trunk Show at Eva's Bridal on LaGrange] and work directly with the brides. I absolutely love when they find their dress. I love the look in their eyes."

She finds the most challenging part of her job is that the general American consumer is not always educated in quality. It can be difficult to show a bride why the price tag looks higher than it does at a discount store. Even if the shape looks similar, the fabrics, the cut, the quality isn't there. "I would love for the American consumer to educate themselves about quality more."

On a funny note - she told me her husband once asked about the prices of their gowns. He was amazed, and Dominique expected him to think it was too much money. However, she was wrong. Her husband said it was really inexpensive. He said, when men have their mid-life crisis it's usually much more costly. That story really tickled me.

Finally, Dominique leaves some advice for all you newly engaged brides out there about what to do now:
"I would say to buy up as many magazines as you can. Many brides go straight to the internet now, but there's nothing like going through and seeing beautiful editorials in magazines." We agree! She also said, as you're planning, "think back to the fantasies you had when you were a little girl about what your wedding day would look like. Create a day about that and go from there. Go the whole nine yards."

Thank you so much to Dominique Debroux of Rosa Clara Bridal and to our friends over at Eva's Bridal on LaGrange for helping us put together this fun piece!

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