Monday, October 21, 2013

Guest Post: Dina Costa of Amazing Bride talks Hair!


Amazing Bride is an on-location Bridal hairstylist with over 16 years of experience that services brides on their wedding day. Its like the salon coming to your front door! The morning of your wedding day is kick-started with hair and makeup! Why not have your entire bridal party enjoy the luxury of having your hairstylist and makeup artist come right to your front door? I feel that the bride tends to be more relaxed being pampered in the comfort of her own environment. I try to give both a personal feel and professional approach.

We are here to not only make your hair and makeup look beautiful but to also educate and give direction to brides in regards to their wedding day look. From the trial to the wedding day, we are a company focused on making sure the bride gets the look shes always envisioned of herself on her wedding.

Photography: Bellissima Photography; Hair: Dina of Amazing Bride; Makeup: Makeup by Renee

Finding the right bridal hairstylist and making sure she understands you is so important in getting the look you most desire. As soon as I book my bride, I encourage her to stay connected with me throughout the planning process. My brides become more of a friend to me and they will send me texts of images of updo's they find to get my opinion. I love that they feel so comfortable with me!

When a bride comes in for her trial there has to be a trust factor and that's huge. If the stylist is confident then the bride will be confident! I get this adrenaline rush as soon as my bride gets that ear-to-ear smile on her face. That's the moment I know I've made her happy.

Photography: George Street Photo & Video; Hair: Amazing Bride


Here are what I believe have been the biggest trends for 2013:
  1. The chignon, classy with a modern twist
  2. The bun, lower updo with a sleeker look
  3. The braid, huge this year and can be worked into any updo
  4. Old Hollywood-inspired looks, with modern twists
  5. Messy updo, soft beachy waves

BONUS: I think the trend for 2014 will be 1920's and early 1930's vintage styles!

Photography: Jaime Campanelli Photography, Hair: Dina of Amazing Bride

A few tips to the gentlemen out there would be to decide on a hairstyle and length and get your hair cut one week prior to the wedding in order to look your best for your bride. I would advise the groom against changing the style of their hair drastically close to the wedding for fear of major regret. Make sure to have a clean shaven neckline and well kept sideburns for your beautiful bride. Last tip would be to show up confident and stand proud for your bride.

My advice to any newly engaged would be not to get wrapped up in all of the details of the wedding planning. Enjoy the journey and savor the moments along the way. After all, marriage isn't about the flowers or the glitz, its about the love you have for one another and rather a symbol of your unity as one.

To find out more information about Dina Costa, Owner of Amazing Bride, visit her website at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!


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