Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Things to Think About When Choosing a Wedding Planner


We all know planning a wedding can be daunting, so many of us (the smartest ones) turn to the professionals...but how do you know which professional is best for you? To help take some of the guess work out of it, Event Planner Antoinette Terry of Simply Perkfect Event Boutique offers her top five things to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring an event planner.

Five things to think about when choosing a planner:

1. Take advantage of consultations- Event planners get a lot of inquiries from brides who consider a planner, but don't have the time to sit down with one. Take advantage of a face to face consultation! This allows the planner to learn more about you; your likes and dislikes, your passion, ideas, style, budget and details.

2. Budget- Keep in mind: weddings cost, but so do wedding planners. They are with you for twelve months if not more. Make sure you can fit them into your budget!

3. On average, how many clients do you take on in a month? A year? - If you ask these questions, you'll get a very good idea of how much your planner will be available during your planning process. You trust in her ability to make it all come together as promised. If too many weddings are booked in a month, how can they dedicate the time to make your wedding successful? Usually, a planner should only plan 2 - 4 day-of coordination projects a month or 1-3 high-end weddings a month.

4. Background check- Now-a-days wedding planners are starting their business after they have done their own wedding, instantly thinking they know the ins and outs. Make sure you're asking the right questions: Do you have previous experience? Are you certified? How many weddings have you planned?

5. How do you handle emergencies?- We all know things happen and no one can prevent it. Is a plan B in place in case of emergencies? Make sure that your planner knows how to handle all the little mishaps throughout the day!

Remember, hiring a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you make when planning your wedding. Don't take this decision lightly! Hiring a planner is essential, even if it's just for the day.

A special thanks to Antoinette Terry for her extremely insightful hints! You can find her portfolio on You can also email her at or call (708) 320 - 8053 for more information.

Photos courtesy of Antoinette Terry and Google Images. 


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