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Bride of the Week: Melanie Spitz

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Welcome to the first ever bride of the week segment! On #weddingwednesdays, we're featuring one bride's story in her own words! If you're interested in being a Bride of the Week, email with the subject line: Bride of the Week!

And now, without further ado...your very first Bride of the Week!


"The story of our engagement requires a bit of background. I am obsessed with food. Eating, cooking, and trying new restaurants pretty much consumes me and takes up a lot of my free time. Keep that in mind -- it will be important later!

"Back in May, Chicago had a terrible rainstorm and our neighborhood was hit particularly hard with tons of standing water. One Saturday morning, we got in David's car only to be met with inches of water on the floor on both the driver and passenger side. David is pretty knowledgeable about cars and knew that because Audis have the car's computer in the floor boards, that likely the water shorted out the entire electrical system. The mechanic confirmed that the damage to the car was irreparable and the insurance company totaled out the car.

"So now David was on the hunt for a new car and began researching replacements on the internet. Since he was in the market for a pre-owned car similar to the one that was damaged, he was only able to find one available in West Springfield, MA. This meant that he would have to fly down there and drive the car back.

"Of course he asked me to go with him, and while I'm not really a "road-trip" kinda girl, I wasn't about to let him drive back alone. And truthfully, he made it sound like fun. David's parents live in Providence, which isn't too far from where we'd be picking up the car, so we parlayed it in to a trip to visit them as well.

"Once I knew the location of where we'd be picking up the car, I did some research to see if there were any fun or unique places to eat in the vicinity and I discovered a wonderful doughnut shop called Donut Dip, conveniently located just down the road from the car dealership. Once we picked up the car, David asked if I still wanted to get donuts. I laughed at him and said "Have we met? Of course I still want donuts!"

"We went in the donut shop, bought a dozen donuts, got back in the car and I immediately started devouring one. Then David said "I have something for you" and proceeded to place a small ring box on the box of donuts. He proposed while my face was covered in donut crumbs, which is totally fitting for someone as food-obsessed as I am.

"Once he knew I would make the trip out east with him, he quickly sprang into action and bought my ring. He also was so happy that we were getting engaged near his parents, as his dad is in a nursing home and wouldn't be able to make a trip to Chicago for our wedding, so he was thrilled that his dad was able to share in the joy of our engagement.

"We saved the box from the Donut Dip and had it framed."

Melanie Spitz and David Skidmore are getting married October 24th, 2014 and couldn't be happier! Thanks to Melanie for being our first Bride of the Week!

On #weddingwednesdays, we're featuring one bride's story in her own words! If you're interested in being a Bride of the Week, email with the subject line: Bride of the Week! 

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