Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Northern Illinois University Naperville

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Imagine the crisp, refreshing autumn breeze around you and your special someone, with splashes of oranges, reds and yellows as your wedding backdrop. Try to picture standing on a brick patio overlooking a delightful pond, with beautiful and colorful trees surrounding you, while your family and friends sit and join you for this special occasion. This is your wedding at Northern Illinois University Naperville.

Along with all this, we have a stunning atrium, full of sunlight and windows where you can enjoy the fall weather and beauty even from the inside. Our event space also features floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pond, and is a wonderful place to create memories that will stay with you forever.

Ceremony to reception, we help you create the perfect event no matter what your wedding style, theme or budget. To start planning your dream wedding at NIU Naperville, contact Gina Kenyon, Wedding Planner, 815-752-8990 or, and visit our website at

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