Friday, September 6, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: A Historic Venue for a Historic Moment

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The Allerton Hotel Chicago. A roaring tribute to the golden age, this building stands tall after almost a century of use. The iconic neon sign and the glamorous feel of an old residential club make the Allerton Hotel Chicago the perfect venue for a vintage-meets-modern wedding. Or for anyone that's looking for a swanky celebration.
Edward Fox Photography
"The main thing couples are looking for when seeking out The Allerton is classic Chicago. I believe that with the character of the hotel and our prime downtown location, wedding guests get just that," says Beau Buttacavoli of the Allerton.

True to Chicago's culture, the architecture of the building was grand an innovative for its time. As one of the first high-rises on Michigan Avenue, it was truly an icon that helped mold the cityscape we love today.

Buttacavoli firmly believes that as "a Chicago Historic Landmark, The Allerton is the most unique hotel building on Michigan Avenue. The detail of the brickwork on the exterior of the building is unparalleled to anything I have seen for a building of its size. The neon red 'Allerton Hotel, Tip Top Tap' sign is by far the most recognizable on Michigan Avenue, and it doesn't get any more Chicago than celebrating on the Magnificent Mile for the biggest event of your life!"

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