Friday, September 13, 2013

Staying Put: Why one location for the big day can make a big difference!

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Okay, here's the problem... Grandma and Grandpa are in from Florida, and the cousins all drove about 60 miles to be here today. Mom and Dad can go home. So can your sister, but she'd just have to turn around bring the whole family right back. And Uncle John, well, he just gave up and headed straight to a bar.

Complicated. But what are your guests supposed to do between the ceremony and the reception? Even if you're having a cocktail hour, there's got to be some time to kill while you're having your pretty pretty pictures taken. But there's nothing you can do about it, right?

Wrong! One simple solution - and often an answer that can save you money - is to skip the trip and stay where you are! Having the ceremony and the reception in the same location can be extremely beneficial.

Our friend Danielle Brown, the Assistant to the Directors at the Metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights, explains a few reasons why staying in one place for both parts of the big day is a great idea!

  • On average, 99% of guests show up to both the ceremony and reception when held at the same location. Only 75% attend both when each part is held at different locations.

  • It's extremely easy to create a fluidity in the decor. The venue will have a similar look throughout that you can decorate or add to as you wish. You can even move some pieces from the ceremony to the reception with no problem. This could be really important if you have a section honoring friends and family who have passed away, or flowers that were sent from a guest who couldn't attend.

  • For those who don't have anywhere to go between the ceremony and the reception, the venue's bar, lobby or a cocktail hour is always open for guests to have a drink while chatting up old friends. A single location can also be beneficial to those who don't get around very easily. For instance, at the Metropolis Ballroom, it's just a short walk down the hall from the ballroom to the Campbell/Vail Room for a fabulous cocktail hour.

  • For the sanity of the wedding party, a single venue provides a location to leave one's junk all day. Don't feel like carrying around your lip gloss? Leave it in the Bridal Suite. Stained your tie? Don't worry, your spare one is waiting in the Groom's Room. How can this not be a perk?

  • And finally, many hotels offer shuttles to local venues. Guests who are staying nearby can simply leave the keys behind and have a good time! Guests who are driving in can park once at the hotel and party twice at the venue (...responsibly, of course)!

The Metropolis Ballroom is located at 6 South Vail Ave in the heart of Historic Downtown Arlington Heights. You can find more information about this venue at To contact the venue, email or call 847-870-8787 and ask for Michael Raymond, Director of Bridal and VIP events.

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