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The ceremony was beautiful, and now it's time to blow your guests away with your grand exit. Here are a few fabulous ways to leave in style!

We suggest decorations that truly make a statement about your personalities.

Vintage cars are always in style. Just make sure they still run first.

Looking to go green for your wedding? Nix the engine and try something a little more Cinderella. 

Want a workout while you go? Biking is for you! Just make sure your dress doesn't get caught! You'll be missing the skirt at the reception!

If you like bikes, but are feeling lazy...just have someone do the hard work for you!

For a different kind of bike, throw on your boots and hop on the Harley. Helmets, please!

A scooter can get you there in no time -- if you can balance on it.

If ground transportation seems to pedestrian, try a helicopter. You may not be able to hear anything after, but the view from above is pretty amazing.

A small plane would also get the job done. I'm sure your budget can handle this, right?

Try a little boat...

...or maybe a big boat.

Or ditch the boat all together.

The point is, it doesn't really matter how you go. As long as you're leaving together, everything is going to be perfect.

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Sara and her boyfriend at the time had planned to go to Cabo in September of 2008. A few weeks before the trip they broke up and her close girl friend changed the name of the airline ticket and went with Sara on that trip.  At the same time Steve's best friend (and best man) won a trip to go to Cabo that same weekend and invited Steve and a friend to go with him.  Their last night in Mexico they went on a booze cruise.  Cut to June 2013 these friends were all members of Sara and Steve's bridal party. Just shows, you never know who you will meet when in Mexico!



Colorand Company (Chicago), 

Somnia Events (Wheeling), 


Rabbi Alison Abrams (Highland Park), 

Penny Courier (Chicago), 

Alliance Bakery (Chicago), 

Mon Amie (Orange County, CA), 

David Benjamin (Bride's close friend and gift to her),

Suzanne at Laura Mercier (Northbrook Court),


Honestly, the first thing I notice about people is their eyebrows. Not their smile, not their eyes -- their brows. Having the right shape and size can really make a huge difference on the way you look! I'm personally very particular with my eyebrows. I regularly travel half an hour to get them done at the same place. 

One of my favorite compliments to receive is: "You have great eyebrows!" I give an "Aw, stop!" and blush, but inside I'm having a little celebratory party. For my wedding day, even if all else goes to the dogs, you can bet my brows will be perfect. Those photos last forever, guys. Make sure you take care of your brows before it's too late. 

We, here at ChicagoStyle Weddings strongly suggest getting your brows done by a professional. Brow blunders are never fun - and on your wedding day? Shoot. No one wants that. Find brows you admire and ask that person where she/he gets those babies done! It may be an awkward question, but it will definitely be worth it.

In order to get some answers on the best methods, shapes and how to get the groom to groom, we have a great interview with Noemi Grupenmager, Founder & CEO of Uni K Wax Centers. Here are her tips for getting the best brows possible!

What are your brow waxing tips for men and women?
For brides, your eyebrows can either complement or harm your features, so it is important to understand the five basic brow shapes and how the right shape will complement your look and style both for the special day and those photos for years to come. Waxing will give you a clean and well-manicured brow, so before you go to your waxing center, consider what style will suit you.

The five basic brow shapes include:

Round – A rounded shape softens the face to help tone down sharp features.

Angled – A high and sharp peak gives a more youthful appearance and draws onlookers eyes upwards. This is beneficial for a slim, round or diamond shaped face.

Soft Angled – This shape has a softer and more subtle peak, giving the face a more feminine look.

Curved – This flattering shape projects a feeling of confidence and professionalism, and is ideal for a square or oval face.

Flat – A horizontal line brow will make the face appear shorter and more oval when styled on a long face.

The shape of the face is only one aspect of the look, how you wear your hair or your hair shape also has a distinctive effect on the right eye brow shape for you. Your hair style shape should also be designed to complement your face shape and style.

If you are looking for ideas, Uni K Wax professionals are highly experienced in helping you to create the right look. You can discuss your style preferences and a highly trained waxer will sculpt your brow to a design that highlights your best facial features.

For grooms, it is important to tidy up any stray hairs and remove the mono brow. All eyes are on you too, and there is nothing more handsome than a well groomed groom!

How soon should brides and grooms get their brows done before the big day?
If you have never waxed your eyebrows before, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment approximately ten days before the big day, and a then come in for a touch up about 2 days prior to the date. This will remove one thing from your list closer to the big day, knowing you have beautiful eyebrows!

Any tips on getting your guy to wax his brows, if he doesn't normally do so?
Let your groom know his friends are probably already getting waxed! Over the years, men’s grooming has become increasingly common and many men prefer a clean, polished look over going au naturel. Aside from general grooming purposes, men may also get waxed when they participate in different sporting activities such as cycling, body building and swimming. The most popular area that men have waxed, as one might imagine, is the back and shoulders, but no area is off limits - in fact, Bikini Waxing is one of Uni K Wax’s best selling services for both women and men!

Also, men look after their eyebrows differently than women, in that they usually like to keep their brows clean and not specifically shaped. Men like to keep their brows masculine looking, and a wax will do just that. 

What brow shapes are most popular right now?
It’s important to choose a brow shape that complements your facial structure, as opposed to a trendy shape. That said, both women and men look to Hollywood for brow ideas, based on which celebrity faces similar to their own. At Uni K, the most requested celebrity brow shape happens to be that of Catherine Zeta Jones. Her brows are what I refer to as middlebrow – They don’t have much of an arch, and they’re between thick and thin. It’s a shape that flatters many faces.

Any insight on the dangers or over-tweezing, or shapes to avoid?
Many brides become too focused on making their brows perfect, and make the mistake of over-plucking or shaping their eyebrows in a way that does not complement the natural brow shape of their facial structure. Eyebrows are a very delicate area when it comes to hair removal because once removed, the hair will most likely not grow back evenly. Eyebrows highlight the most dramatic and expressive part of the body -- your beautiful face! And your face will take center stage on your big day. The secret to shaping your eyebrows for your wedding is to keep them as close to your own natural shape as possible. Thicker, more natural brows look youthful and are very much in style.

Which grooming method works best for which type of brow hair?
Above all methods of hair removal, the most gentle, long lasting and nourishing to the skin is an elastic wax, specifically. An all-natural elastic wax removes all types of hair and with each removal the hair regrows less coarse and eventually not all. During the removal service, the elastic wax is applied at a comfortable body temperature and is left on the skin to nourish it while the pores open to allow the follicle to be removed with minimal discomfort. I follow this with a cold pack which quickly closes the pores to prevent ingrown hair, along with a soothing all-natural gel to reduce any redness. You’ll walk out feeling and looking better than you did when you walked in!

A special thanks to Noemi and our friends at Uni K Wax! Visit for products and more information on Uni K Wax Center.

This intimate wedding took place the weekend before Christmas 2012, with nearly 135 guests in attendance to toast the couple. The bride’s uncle (and godfather) was gracious enough to officiate the wedding with his lightheartedness and sincerity; which was most important the bride and groom. “Uncle Godfather” even further personalized the nuptials with humor by having the bride’s cherished childhood stuffed bear make a special appearance.
The newlyweds felt blessed to have very special military friends fly from as far as both the east and west coasts in order to participate in a Sword Arch. Following the meal, guests were treated to an array of desserts including a sweets table, a hot chocolate bar, and an ice cream bar. Later, the groom and their military friends serenaded the bride with "You Lost That Love and Feeling," in a Top Gun-like manner.
The night was memorable on all accounts, and exceeded the couple’s expectations!



Chicago Marriott Northwest, Hoffman Estates, IL 

by Allure from Kathryn’s Bridal & Dress Shop, McHenry, IL 

Kathryn’s Bridal, McHenry, IL

Bill Levkoff from Kathryn’sBridal, McHenry, IL

Chapel Hill Florist

The bride's uncle, Joe Rose, officiated the ceremony.
Jiho Park of Lilly Photography

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emily Belden is hilarious. After realizing she couldn't find a card she liked for a gay couple, she up and made her own. Now the creator of the e-card design site Happy Happy Gay Gay, Emily is creating fabulous cards for same-sex friends and couples all over the place.

Emily cracked me up with her answers to all of my questions. I can't wait to show you her honest, straight-forward take on gay marriage, greeting cards and having a great time.

CSW:  Please tell me a little about your organization and why you started it. 
EB:  One of my gay friends got married in July on live television in city hall the day DOMA was shot down. I thought that deserved a helluva "congratulations" card, but couldn't find one for a gay couple. So I decided to make one. And one turned into ten. And ten turned into Happy Happy Gay Gay.

CSW:  Why did you feel it important to make and market cards specifically for same-sex couples?
EB:  It’s always rewarding to find a greeting card that matches an individual’s personality. Nothing I found in a generic card store matched the colorful and often larger-than-life personalities of my LGBT circle of friends. They are all really awesome, and I just felt like they deserved to have cards that matched that.

CSW:  A lot of your cards specifically address DOMA and other political issues. Why are these cards important or more impactful than your typical greeting card?
EB:  There is no denying the eruption that took place on social media when DOMA was shot down. Gay and straight people alike were celebrating this new page in history and it gave me goosebumps. I think it is really silly to have legislation that prevent people from expressing peace and love in an otherwise chaotic world, which is why I made DOMA a satirical theme throughout some of my cards.

CSW:  I think it’s awesome that your cards are available to send digitally, and people can print them at home. Why did you decide go to with this method of distribution?
EB:  I realized quickly that most people don’t have printers and are generally averse to purchasing stamps. We live in a digital world and Happy Happy Gay Gay had to keep up with that. So, for those that want to get creative and print on cool paper and give something tangible to a friend, there’s the link to download a hi-res printable version. For those that just want to fire one off to a friend, there’s a link to the “e-card” version as well. It’s a win-win, no-excuse business model.

CSW:  What is your favorite card you've made? 
EB:  I love them all and each one gets its own brainstorming session. There is no single style that just gets applied to all cards, so it’s like creating a mini piece of art with each card I come up with. One of the best-sellers is: “Marriage? That’s so gay.” probably because it’s short, sweet, and sassy.

CSW:  What is your number one piece of advice for newly engaged couples who are beginning to plan their wedding?
EB:  Gay or straight, it’s remaining true to who you are. I’m invited to a gay wedding coming up in a few weeks and it said on the invitation point-blank: “Wear what you want. We’ll be in jeans.” I really liked that they set the tone from the get-go and now I know I’m in for a relaxed afternoon with friends and family.

For more information about Emily or her awesome cards, visit her website at

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We hear it's National Dog Day! In honor of man's best friend, we've collected some of our favorite ways people have included Fido in their big celebrations! So here's to the hounds that really get into it!

And just for good measure -- my own pup, Albert!

Have a photo of how your dog was included in the wedding? Let us know! Email photos to, and make sure to include the names of all pups and people!

Photo Credit: http://imgfave.com