Monday, July 8, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Tru Fragrance Blooms in Chicago with Exclusive Fragrance Collection

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Vendor Spotlight
Tru Fragrance Blooms in Chicago with Exclusive Fragrance Collection

This partnership smells sweet! Working with the City of Chicago and local community organizations, the boutique fragrance development company Tru Fragrance will bring back its successful Tru Blooms program this year. The initiative transforms local gardens and green spaces into growing areas for flowers that will be harvested and bottled into limited-edition perfumes. But even more than that, Tru Blooms encourages sustainability, urban beautification and economic development.

This year, 27 green spaces are being harvested around the city that will grow rose geranium, patchouli, rose and lavender. Locations include Grant Park, Whitney Young High School, Cantigny Park, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and Uncommon Ground. The gardens are being cultivated by volunteers and farmers employed by local nonprofit organizations.

The bottle, packaging and scent will be designed, created and produced by Tru Fragrance based in Willowbrook. Tru Blooms Second Harvest Eau de Parfum will be available in two sizes – 50 ml ($42) and 15 ml ($20) at select retail locations and online beginning in November. Pre-orders for the limited edition fragrance will begin online on October 14.

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