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Real Wedding Megan and Ryan Lapelle, The Rookery

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Real Wedding Megan and Ryan Lapelle, The Rookery

“Dreams really do come true! Ryan & I dated long distance for SEVEN years prior to getting engaged. Once engaged, I moved from Indianapolis to Chicago. We had secured our venue and our initial planning details remotely or on the weekends in Chicago until I got an amazing job in the city. We were parishioners at Old Saint Patrick's so the church was the easy part. I had affectionately named it the ‘Love Church’ as it has hearts in the rafters. Having recently returned from our honeymoon in Bora Bora, we received our pictures and I love every single one! I never could have dreamed my Chicago wedding would be so perfect, I just had to share with my favorite wedding magazine!

I actually found our bridesmaid dresses from one of the featured brides in the magazine. I was looking for a single dress to fit my bridesmaids of all sizes (including my twin sister, matron of honor, who was pregnant with first baby), and I fell in love with this black Lula Kate dress show on these pages. Hair and makeup came onsite and stayed with us all day and evening as we had quite the challenge obtaining cordless curling irons .But Joanne pulled through for us and helped make the day absolutely perfect!

The week of the wedding we had three terrible incidences: my brother broke his leg skydiving; my maternal grandmother fell and broke her hip; and my paternal grandmother fell the night prior to my rehearsal and had to get stitches and had two black eyes on our day. Needless to say, even with all the breaks and bruises, my family and friends were able to make it, and we have nice pictures to remember all of the injuries.

Looking back, I would not change a single thing about our wedding. We were so fortunate to have such an amazing wedding planner and vendors. Our photographer was incredible and the pictures are something we will treasure for a lifetime. I think the one thing I miss most about planning the wedding, is picking up my new wedding magazines! Lucky for me, a few of my friends got engaged over the holidays so I can still indulge (for them of course). “

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Megan Lapelle said...

A special thanks to Ryan my wonderful husband and our families for the perfect wedding!

Love you all,

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