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Tips from the Pro
What Do You Value in a Wedding Cake?

By Amy Beck

I understand planning a wedding, as I did it myself 10 years ago. And, I understand setting a budget for your cakes. But setting a budget does not mean finding the lowest cost cake maker. The best approach to finding a cake designer is to uncover what you want from your wedding cake.

Do you value the following?

- 100% made-from-scratch cakes that use the highest quality ingredients
- Freshly, made on-premise buttercream
- The same cake decorator who oversees your cake from beginning to end, and an actual cake decorator will deliver your cake to make sure it arrives perfectly
- Professional customer service. How comfortable are you with your cake maker? Will they respond to your voicemails or e-mails in a timely fashion? What if you need to make a last-minute change to your cake order?
- A professionally designed cake that matches your wedding d├ęcor or a really good reproduction of a cake that you love
There are lots of opportunities to cut costs when making a cake. Some vendors use boxed mix, purchase buttercream in bulk, use warehouse purchased decorations made overseas, hire people that do not have culinary degrees, and then neglect clients when necessary changes happen.  

However, we do not believe in cutting costs because our goal is to make the most beautiful and most delicious cakes in all of Chicago! We value quality and ingredients AS MUCH as overall design. After all, a cake should look as good as it tastes!

About Amy Beck Cake Design

At age 10, Amy won her first specialty cake competition at the Racine County Fair, finishing with a 4-H Blue Ribbon award. She was hooked. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in business, and spending several years in the competitive management consulting industry, Amy was finally able to act on her lifelong dream and passion for cake design. Amy launched Amy Beck Cake Design, a custom wedding cake bakery located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Since then, her trophy case has grown.  Amy’s passion for beautiful cakes and focus on top customer service has been recognized both industry wide and across multiple social media outlets.

With less than 700 square feet and a non-existent startup budget, Amy Beck Cake Design was launched in 2006. Originally located in the commercially zoned garden level space of a Lincoln Park single family home, one yelp reviewer commented, “Folks, this one is a secret find…” Focusing on the latest trends, designs and styles, Amy Beck Cake Design has positively influenced the Chicago Wedding Cake Industry, which now competes for culinary and design leadership with sophisticated marketplaces in New York and California.  Since launch, Amy Beck Cake Design has been featured on national television and countless publications. In 2011, in response to increased demand, Amy Beck Cake Design expanded to its current location in historic River West.

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