Friday, March 1, 2013

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Wedding Announcements
Essentials for Your Clutch

You’ve got your dress, the perfect shoes and accessories—but what about the other essential items you’ll need on your big day? Lucky for you, we have a roundup of the perfectly sized quick fixes that fit right in your clutch for any wedding day problems that could arise, from runny makeup to PMS bloat to the sniffles.

(This list comes courtesy of 5W Public Relations)

Cut Out Cramps: One thing we look forward to at weddings is dancing with our friends and family to the awesome band or DJ. Menstrual cramps don’t need to make you a wallflower this wedding season. Girl Uninterrupted, is a fresh, new and all-natural approach to PMS relief composed of an all-natural blend of essential amino acids and herbs that have been specifically formulated to directly address the more common symptoms of PMS, such as nausea, headaches, cramps, and bloating. It also comes with a mirrored compact to check your makeup while carrying your hot pink vitamins.

Cure the Wedding “Fever”: Whether the loud music has you screaming all night or you’re fighting off the sniffles, Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Oral Spray will make you feel better. The spray is formulated with zinc gluconate, the same effective active ingredient found in the best-selling, clinically proven and #1 pharmacist recommended Cold-EEZE lozenges. The effective proprietary formula reduces the duration of the common cold. Available at major retailers.

Photo-Ready Skin: Warm weather produces excess sweat and oil. Keep your skin photo-ready with jane iredale THE SKINCARE MAKEUP® Facial Blotting Papers. These all-natural blotting papers are made from organic flax seed, which is more absorbent than rice and linen. Carry this elegant gold metal case wherever you go to rid your skin of excess oil throughout the day. These blotting papers are soft and suitable for all skin types.

The Perfect Smoky Eye: Whether you tear up during the “I Do’s” or you’ve been out in the sun for hours, Merle Norman’s Pro Pen Eyeliner will keep your smoky eye intact! From thick to thin, from swirls to swoops, this easy-to-use liquid liner pen makes lining your eyes as simple as signing your name. Its slim felt-tipped applicator acts like a fine-point marker while its ergonomic grip lets you control the effect. The harder you press, the bolder the line it creates. Best yet, its long-wearing formula won’t smudge or budge for up to 14 hours!

Picture-Perfect Pout: Smiling for the camera for hours can dry out and crack your lips. suki® Lip Repair Butter is a unique long-wear lip-saving balm that effectively helps to prevent and heal chapping, leaving lips soothed, soft and sensuous all year long. With its delicious grapefruit scent, this clinically-proven emollient blend of jojoba oil, calendula, chamomile and waxes is a silky smooth formula that repairs and quenches dry, cracked lips, while protecting against future dehydration. Unlike many other lip products that seem to be “eaten or licked off” in a matter of minutes, lip repair butter is remarkably long-lasting, providing a moisture-packed matte finish throughout the day.  

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