Friday, March 8, 2013

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Vendor Spotlight
Tanee Pen Keeps You Glowing All Day

Even with a bridal glow, unwanted tan lines can ruin any bride’s flawless look. The Tanee pen can help. With its no-mess applicator, the specially formulated Tanee pen instantly disguises any tan lines, streaks and spots, leaving your skin sun-kissed and flawless. Unlike self-tanning lotions, Tanee covers even the biggest tanning blunders while keeping hands both mess-free and stain-free. Not to mention, the all-natural formula lasts about a week, fading simultaneously with your existing tan.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of beautiful white wedding dresses getting ruined after a run-in with self-tanners or bronzers. With Tanee’s advanced formula, this go-to beauty weapon won’t rub off, even when getting down on the dance floor! And it’s perfect for the whole bridal party as the universal pen can be applied to all skin tones. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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