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Tips from the Pro The Top Ten Tricks to Bridal Fitness
Provided by Isabelle Libmann, nationally certified personal trainer and owner of IzzyFit Personal Training. By using a holistic approach to ensure your new habits stick around after your wedding day, IzzyFit makes fitness a sane, fun and integrated part of your everyday life. Specialties include: weight loss management, nutritional guidance, post-rehabilitation training and pre/post natal fitness.

Training is available in Evanston and Chicago. Contact Isabelle by e-mailing or calling 312-497-8999. To see a full list of services, click here.
  • BREATHE: Taking deep, cleansing breaths can help wash away the stress of wedding planning. Since stress can contribute to immune suppression, weight gain and a variety of other nasty side effects, try a yoga or meditation class and really tap into your breathing form.
  • Do not buy into fad diets and cleanses: Your body needs carbs, fats and proteins; cutting any one of them out will leave your body completely confused and on high alert. Portion control can be your best friend.
  • You do NOT need to work out to capacity every single day: Recovery is just as important as your workouts so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, eating well, stretching, sleeping enough and de-stressing.
  • If you don’t write it down, it isn’t real: Write down your goals along with the reasons you want to reach them on index cards. Read these a few times a day; having it fresh in your mind can keep you focused on the prize.
  • It’s all about baby steps: Research shows you’re more likely to stick to lifestyle changes in the long term if you work on one new habit at a time. Choose one new habit to work on every day for 14 days, and then add another.
  • Hire a fitness planner: Find a trainer or coach who will give you the guidance, accountability and encouragement you need to reach your goals.
  • Don’t focus on a number: The scale can be a major source of anxiety so pick a pair of jeans or an outfit you really want to fit into and let that be your fitness barometer.
  • Let exercise be a stress relief, not a stressor: If you’re not having fun, try something else! You should feel amazing after your workouts, not like you want to give up.
  • Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights: Women don’t have the hormones needed to bulk up like men. Using a challenging weight will torch calories and help you get lean.
  • Change it up: The body is really good at getting used to new demands so change up your workouts every 4-6 weeks and make sure you’re challenging yourself during all of your workout sessions.

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