Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battle for the Bride

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When it comes to finding the right wedding planner, why don’t you let Battle for the Bride make it easy for you! Battle for the Bride is much more than your ordinary wedding experience. They have done all the leg work; they’ve found amazing wedding planners and assembled them into one team who will battle to make you their bride!

In an effort to really show what each of their planners have to offer Battle for the Bride recently teamed up with Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite and an amazing array of local vendors to showcase their Planner’s unique designing styles.

Sweet Dreams by Alice –

Alice demonstrates a natural aptitude for creativity, with striking originality! For this shoot she was inspired by the romantic details that make weddings feel like a fairytale! She chose to use muted pinks and deep purples to bring a romantic feeling to the shoot. From the dress to the use of bubbles and feathers everything about Alice’s shoot is super dreamy.

Organic Chemistry by Blair –
Blair describes her designing style as a fusion of contemporary, eclectic, and modern. She can blow anyone away by the way her design ideas come together. For this shoot she was inspired by vibrant foliage and used nature as the perfect setting. She added subdued yellow, gold, and green tones into her bridesmaid dresses and accessories while keeping things simple for the Bride.

Classic Whimsy by Melissa –

Melissa’s choice to portray a classically whimsical wedding was no surprise. She describes herself as “wedding obsessed” and if you have the chance to sit down with her, you will know why. For this shoot she was inspired by the classic elements of weddings. Lace and Chiffon in white and ivory tones are worn by both the playfully elegant Bride and the quirky bridesmaids. Additional elements of whimsy are added by the accessories selected for both the Bride and bridesmaids, giving her shoot the perfect amount of classic and whimsical elements.

Color Splash by Sheryl –

With her knowledge of design trends and a passion for color Sheryl brings a young and fresh perspective to all styles of weddings. For this shoot she was inspired by bright colors that bring a bold look to a Bride’s big day. She chose to incorporate bright, bold colors into the bridesmaid dresses and the Bridal Bouquet, but she didn’t stop there. She also wanted the Bride to wear a splash of color so she paired her beautiful modern wedding gown with fuchsia shoes… perfect for a fun wedding with flair.

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